Smartphone Accessories, Content Creators Must Check This List

Smartphone Accessories

As is the case with many other devices, a smartphone is incomplete if you don't equip it with various accessories that are now widely available. If you're looking for recommendations on smartphone accessories that can enhance the experience of using your favourite phone, here's a list that might come in handy.

Smartphone Accessories Recommendations

Are you a content creator? As a content creator, your profession is highly dependent on the creations you produce every day through your smartphone. However, a smartphone device alone is not enough. For this reason, the use of additional accessories is crucial to improve the display quality.

It is important for you to be selective in choosing the accessories that you need. So that you can avoid unnecessary purchases. For example, the use of a power bank is a must for those of you who are often on the move and want to avoid losing precious moments while recording videos due to battery power running out.

Related to that, there is a wide range of mobile phone accessories that are necessary for creating content all day long. Having and choosing the best of these accessories will greatly facilitate your work as a content creator.

Mobile Phone Case 

You may often overlook this one smartphone accessories. In fact, mobile phone cases have an important role in maintaining the durability of the device. Because, the casing can protect the original body of the HP from damage or dirt. That way, the smartphone you have can be well maintained and not easily damaged.

Tempered Glass

In addition to maintaining the body of the mobile phone, it is also important to provide protection to the screen. The reason is, the screen is vulnerable to damage due to intense finger use. Especially for those of you who do the content editing process directly from your mobile phone.

Power Bank

Power bank is one of the smartphone accessories that you really need when you are creating content outdoors. This is because there is not always access to an electrical socket to recharge the mobile phone battery. Therefore, having a reliable power bank is a top choice for practical charging.

OTG Flash Disk 

Apart from power banks, the existence of external memory is also very important for you to store video results or content while working. Yes, it's not fun if suddenly your phone's memory is full and the content can't be stored properly.

To solve this problem, using an OTG flash drive can be an ideal solution. This type of USB drive can connect directly to your mobile phone, allowing for convenient external storage.

Phone Holder 

When you're creating content, you don't always have to keep your phone in your hand, do you? There are moments when you need to place your phone somewhere while still recording your activities. For such purposes, then you need a phone holder.

This smartphone accessories is useful for keeping your smartphone stable while creating content. In fact, some phone holders can also function as tripods.


As one of the latest innovations in the world of mobile phone accessories, having a popsocket is important. In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of HP, this smartphone accessories is also able to provide comfort when using a smartphone. Because, this popsocket provides a function as a hand rest. So as to prevent the mobile phone from falling easily when you use it.

Bluetooth Speaker

On some occasions when creating content, you may need background sound or music. Well, a bluetooth speaker can be the right option. With its portable form, it makes it easy for you to take it wherever you go.


If the content you're creating requires live explanations, it's likely that you'll need a portable microphone that you can easily carry around with you. Of course, it's important that it can connect to your mobile phone so you can use it as needed.


When creating content, it's important not to forget about using a headset. Especially if you need to speak in the video you're creating. Because, if you rely only on the mobile phone microphone, sometimes it makes the sound difficult to hear clearly.

Those are some important smartphone accessories for you to have, especially for a content creator. Adding this equipment one by one can improve the quality of the content you produce. So as to make it more attractive and aesthetic.

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