Make Your Life Easier By Using Smart Home Devices

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Smart home devices are devices that you can manage remotely. Whether it's using voice commands, apps, or automation systems. These devices play a role in making everyday life easier. So that it can increase comfort and help optimise energy use.

Smart Home Devices Recommendations 

Smart products are sophisticated devices that integrate products with cutting-edge technology. Generally, this gadget can be connected through the internet or smartphones. So, the focus is on making it easier to use and support daily activities in the home environment.

The main goal of smart products is to increase the efficiency of product usage for users. In addition, monitoring the performance of these products also becomes simpler and more effective.

The industry 4.0 era has introduced a variety of smart products that you can implement at home. This presents technological features that make the home environment more comfortable. Here are the recommendations:

Dings Smart Home Door Handle - Smart Door Lock

One of the essential components in a home is the door handle. Therefore, its presence is very important. This is because it facilitates access when you want to open the door.

In general, the door handle is complete with a keyhole to secure the room when locked. However, what if a doorknob has a lock incorporated into it? Dings Smart Door Lock is the solution.

These smart home devices make it easy for users to open the door without losing the key or leaving it behind. In addition, security becomes more difficult for thieves because access to this door requires a certain method.

With the Dings Smart Door Lock, users can unlock the door using 4 different methods, namely through a smartphone app, passcode, fingerprint, or RFID card.

This smart door knob product is available in the market with a price range of Rp 1,490,000 to Rp 1,690,000.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) is a smart speaker complete with a 7-inch touchscreen. The Google Nest Hub functionality includes access to Google Assistant, YouTube video playback, photo viewing from Google Photos, weather information, news, calendar, and various other services.

In addition, this smart home devices acts as a control centre for other smart devices connected to Google Home.

One of the main advantages of the Google Nest Hub is its ability to track sleep patterns without requiring physical contact. With Soli radar chip technology, Google Nest Hub can identify the user's movement and breathing during sleep. It also provides reports on sleep quality every morning.

Not only that, Google Nest Hub also supports control through air gestures. This allows users to stop or start YouTube videos or snooze alarms with hand gestures. You can have the Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) for around Rp 1,400,000.

Google Home WiFi Smart Speaker Home Assistant

The Google Home Assistant, as the name suggests, is connected to the Google system via the internet. This device is an assistant that supports various activities.

With its intelligence, Google Home Assistant provides information about the weather, time, daily personal schedule, and is able to play songs according to user requests.

In addition, it can easily control home devices such as TVs, air conditioners, lights, and even window blinds.

Using these smart home devices is very convenient as you can simply control it through your voice, giving you the experience of talking to someone, making it very intuitive!

The Google Home Assistant is priced at around IDR1,999,990.

iBaby M2 Pro Baby Monitor

For parents with children, maintaining a comfortable and peaceful sleep for their children is a form of love and care. However, monitoring your child during sleep can be an attention-demanding task, especially when homework and office tasks pile up.

Baby monitors can provide assistance in monitoring your little one's sleep with clear video resolution and 360-degree viewing coverage. Through a two-way audio connection to a smartphone, users can keep an eye on things remotely. This smart home devices can also play lullaby music to help your child sleep better.

The iBaby M2 Pro Baby Monitor is priced starting from Rp 1,700,000.

Bardi Smart Plug

Bardi Smart Plug is a smart plug that has the ability to transform conventional electronic devices into smart devices in the home environment.

Through the Bardi Smart Home app connected to your mobile phone, you can remotely control devices connected to the Bardi Smart Plug. This capability allows the use of schedules, timers, or routines to switch devices on or off as needed.

In addition, this smart home devices is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing users to control Bardi Smart Plug-connected devices using voice.

The energy monitoring feature of the Bardi Smart Plug also provides information regarding the energy consumption used by connected devices.

Priced at around Rp 150,000, the Bardi Smart Plug offers a practical solution to automate your household devices.

The use of smart devices in the home can improve comfort, efficiency and energy savings. So, you can find smart home devices that suit your needs and budget from various brands available in the market.

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