AR Glasses, Advanced Technology that is Useful for Various Things

AR Glasses

AR glasses are the latest advanced technology that is now quite popular and certainly promises many uses in various fields. Augmented Reality glasses blend the digital world with the real world very uniquely. Because these glasses are able to project a digital expanse directly on a person's field of vision.

In the past, Augmented Reality glasses still felt foreign and expensive. But thanks to today's technological advances, many people are starting to get to know these sophisticated glasses and the price has become more affordable. So it is not surprising that many people interested and eventually use this tool for several purposes.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality glasses are also different although they seem similar at first glance. Virtual Reality (VR) glasses will take users from the real world into a new digital environment. Meanwhile, augmented reality glasses overlay digital information on the user's field of view to aid interaction in the real world.

How AR Glasses Work

After understanding the notion of Augmented Reality glasses you may become curious how this tool works. The way advanced glasses work is in 4 different steps. Here's the discussion:


The first step, these glasses will take the user's environmental field of view through the camera located on the front.

Image Scanning

After that, the glasses will scan the image and retrieve the type of data to be used in the appropriate place within the user's FOV. In this process, there are 3 approaches to anchoring, namely localization and simultaneous mapping, based on markers and location.

The app will request data

The next step, AR glasses, will request data from the internet and internal knowledge libraries when anchor points have been identified.

Glasses Display Information

The last step of the glasses will display the information that has been obtained in the appropriate location in the user's FOV.

Advantages of Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality glasses are useful in various industries such as communication services, consumer electronics, gadgets.utilities, field services, repairs, maintenance, and so on. These sophisticated glasses also have various advantages that make them even more attractive. Well, here we will discuss the various advantages:

Able to Increase Employee Productivity

The first advantage of AR glasses is that they can increase employee productivity so that it becomes higher. AR gives technicians access to the full range of information employees need wherever and whenever they are. So that it makes employees able to complete tasks faster and easier.

Able to Improve Workforce Efficiency

Employees who use these glasses are able to share in real time whatever they see and listen to with the center's experts. In addition, the center's experts are also able to move virtually to provide precise and accurate instructions. This is certainly able to increase labor efficiency naturally.

Easy to Use

How to use Augmented Reality glasses for various purposes and work is quite easy. So the users do not need any additional education to use this powerful tool. This means that ordinary employees and other people can also use these glasses for various purposes easily.

With these various advantages, of course we know how important and useful AR glasses are. You can try using it to increase efficiency at work, increase productivity to reduce unnecessary expenses.

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